Here is a list of the scientists I have spoken to so far. This list keeps growing, so check back frequently.  I’ll add a link to their respective post as I get their interviews edited and released:

Ashok Balakrishnan, Enablence Technologies

Tom Baur, Meadowlark Optics Founder

Tanja Beshear, Covidien

Antoine Daridon, SpinX Technologies

William Efcavitch, Helicos BioSciences Corporation

Jason Ensher, InPhase Technologies

Peter Fiske, PAX Water Technologies

Jack Jewell, Picolight Founder

Stuart MacCormack, JDSU

Roger McGowan, Boston Scientific

Chris Myatt, Precision Photonics Corp. Founder

Tanya Ramond, Ball Aerospace

Gary Shade, Insight Analytical Labs

Scott Sternberg, Vaisala

The Art of Science - Spectroscopy