Getting Started…

I’m excited to be starting this 50 Interviews project.  I’ll be talking to Scientists who have successfully followed a career path into industry, where their job description is perhaps closer to that of an engineer than a scientist.  This topic has been an interest of mine since I was nearing the end of grad school and decided to take my Physics education and go get a job in industry.  I soon learned it could be a challenge to convince employers that I could be a valuable part of a product design team despite the fact that I was not trained in any specific design skills.

In the 14 years since I graduated I have not only learned how to sell myself in a product development environment, but also discovered that my Physics training has been very useful for certain aspects of a design project.

In this blog I will relay some of the things I have learned from my own career as well as information gathered from interviews with other “Scientists turned Engineers.”  Please give me your feedback and any of your own experiences.

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